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Kilimanjaro Wonders Expedition Safari is an Africa-based, reputed tour planner. We’re cheerful, enthusiastic, and knowledgeable team of tour planners and trip advisors, providing holidaymakers and travelers a range of adventurous trip packages for different African locations.

Significant Reasons to choose Kilimanjaro climb for Charity

Kilimanjaro is the most noteworthy mountain in Africa and one of the desired 'Seven Summits'. It is a torpid fountain of liquid magma and nearly simple to climb when contrasted and pinnacles of a comparative scale, anyway elevation is a factor and a decent degree of wellness, just as acclimatization is fundamental to improve your odds of summiting. Be ready with this blog to Kilimanjaro climb for charity !

Kilimanjaro climb for Charity
Kilimanjaro climb for Charity

About Kilimanjaro Hiking Safaris

We offer a few Kilimanjaro Hiking Tours and Kilimanjaro and safari tour one of our Overland Camping Tours voyages through the lower slants of Kilimanjaro in Tanzania offering great perspectives on Africa's most noteworthy mountain. The Kilimanjaro Hiking Tours are about seven days in length and reach in degrees of trouble and separation. More about the Hiking Tours up Kilimanjaro:


Kilimanjaro Hike - Marangu Route

The most well known course up Kilimanjaro, the Marangu Route is the least demanding and briefest course to the culmination of Africa's tallest mountain. This famous climbing trail is known as the "Coca Cola" or "vacationer" course. The Marangu course is the main Kilimanjaro trail that offers the advantage of dozing cottages at all of the overnight camp stops on the way. The Marangu course takes 5 days, or it tends to be done over an all the more relaxed 6 days for the individuals who want to invest more energy adapting.


Kilimanjaro Hike - Machame Route

The Machame trail is the most tourist detour up Kilimanjaro and the second generally mainstream, after the Marangu Route. The Machame Route is the steepest course up the transcending Kilimanjaro and is commonly handled by fit climbers with some climbing experience. The Machame Route up Kilimanjaro is otherwise called the "Bourbon" course and takes 6 days. Convenience is in tents and suppers are served during the tents or on outing covers if the climate licenses.

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